Tips for Teens: Drive Safe at Night

Your teenager may think they are old enough to drive late at night, but we beg to differ. Driving at night poses greater threats than driving during the day, especially as an inexperienced teen. However, teens will argue until death and parents will inevitably cave in. That is why a curfew should be strictly enforced. Besides a curfew, your teen driver needs a few safety tips and reliable Texas car insurance. Here are a few tips from us at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas– take notes!

When driving at night…

-Do NOT drink and drive (night or day)

-Do not drive if you are tired- road hypnosis is serious. Call a friend or a family member to pick you up.

-Avoid smoking while driving at night because the nicotine and carbon monoxide will impair your night vision.

-If no one is around, use your high beam settings on your headlights. If others are around, a low setting should be used.

-If you are exhausted but really cannot stop, open a window for cool air and listen to lively music.

Honestly, it is best to avoid driving at night. But we know that your teenager will be driving home from school from rehearsals, sporting events and other activities. They are going to have to drive at night at some point! However, with these few safety tips, your teen should be okay on the road. At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, we understand your concerns as a parent. That is why it is best to make sure they are fully protected with auto insurance.  The options are endless with our financial services. Texas residents can choose coverage such as: bodily injury liability, medical injury, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive and more. Your baby growing up and you cannot stop it- but what you can do is teach them the rules of the road to keep them safe and protect them!

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