Take Advantage of Texas’ Annual Tax Holiday!

With everything being so overpriced in our economy, it is important to take advantage of events such as this one! Texas’ Annual Tax Holiday is for everyone- from clothing to shoes, all Katy, TX residents and beyond will be exempt from the 8.25% sales tax on items under $100. This is the perfect time to take your children back to school shopping! School supplies and clothing are necessities for the new school year, and this is your chance for some big savings.

This is a 3-day event and starts on Friday August 19th and ending on Sunday August 21st. It has been an annual event since 1999 and continues to go strong. Texas residents are sure to appreciate this 3-day break from state and local taxes.

We can appreciate this event at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services. Texas residents love breaks in costs, and we know that for a fact! That is why we offer reliable insurance for a great prices, including home insurance, auto and business insurance quotes. Texas residents work hard for their bucks and deserve the best! This 3-day event is rare, so take this time to plan out which day you and your children can go shop ‘til you drop!

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