ATTENTION TEEN DRIVERS: 7 Tips for Safe Driving!

It’s no secret that teenagers get a bad wrap when it comes to driving. With all the newest technologies and distractions, it’s easier than ever for a young driver to make a simple mistake that ends in a life changing event or worse, life ending. As a parent, it is your job to set a good example and work with your child on learning the rules of the road. As a teenager, it is your job to take in the advice from experiences drivers and show that you can handle driving. It is not a time to multitask, but a time to get from one place to another without any accidents in between. Here are a few things to remember when you go to take a spin.

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#1: Avoid driving distractions. Turn off your phone, put it on silent, or put it in your glove compartment. Do anything that will keep you from reaching for it. Unless it is an emergency, your phone should not be a priority! In the event of an emergency, pull over at a safe spot and make the call. The same goes for texting.

#2: Seatbelts NEVER go out of style. Wear it and wear it proud! They are there for a reason. Make sure you and your passengers take full advantage of them, at all times. In the event of an accident, a seatbelt will prevent you from flying headfirst through windshield.

#3: Avoid the need for speed. Speeding increases your chances of a collision, as well as the impact of a collision AND gets you a ticket. These are all just losing situations. Relax…you will get where you need to be.

#4: Check all mirrors, double check your blind spots. Mirrors can often be neglected but they are an important part of your commute! Make sure to check them all, and blind spots especially when merging into a lane.

#5: No driving under the influence. It goes without saying that drinking and driving is not tolerated. Besides putting yourself at high risk of an accident, it will also ruin your driving record and reputation. Call a reliable friend or family member if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

#6: Fill it up. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to fill up last minute. It’s best to stay above E for your car and for you. Who knows where you could fall short of gas.

#7: Keep up with maintenance. Keeping up with your oil changes and maintenance work will ensure you a smooth ride.

Remember these safety tips when you get behind the wheel. At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, we want our youth to break the mold and prove the stereotypes wrong. Teenagers CAN be good drivers if they put their minds to it. In case of a fender bender, be sure to look into a TX auto quote to find the perfect policy for you.

In the meantime, check out a great video from AT&T:

AT&T Don’t Text While Driving Documentary

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