Protect Your First-Time Driver with Auto Insurance!

Letting your child take on the road is a scary feeling. You know that your child is a great driver but the people around them may not be! Due to their inexperience, the chance of them being involved in an accident goes up immensely. An accident may not even be your child’s fault, but they will still be looked down upon because of their age. The first step in making sure you protect your child is teaching the rules of the road. The next important step? Looking into Katy, Texas Auto Insurance for coverage. Here are a few helpful reminders when it comes to preparing your first-time driver for the road.

#1: Practice. Don’t rely on driver’s education classes to prepare them. It’s much better if you take them out yourself and teach them the rules of the road. Start small- maybe a cemetery an empty parking lot. Not comfortable driving with them? Hire a driving instructor!

#2: Prohibit late night driving. Until your child is comfortable with driving, it’s best to keep them home at night. Driving late at night could lead to an accident due to falling asleep at the wheel.

#3: Choose a safe car. Avoid a sports car with high speeds. It’s safer to go with a durable car with good gas mileage. Test drive as many cars as it takes to find the perfect fit for your child!

#4. Set an example! Whatever ways you choose to teach your child about driving safety, make sure you are a good example yourself! If you are not a good example, your child is less likely to listen to you.

In order to keep your child’s vehicle safe and your wallet stuffed, you should take the time to look at TX auto quotes. A typical auto insurance plan would cover liability, medical, collision and comprehensive. Depending on your needs, you could also look into plans such as classic cars and high performance cars as well. However, a basic plan is usually the best for first-time drivers. It is already stressful enough having to let them go! So allow us at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services to take care of the unexpected.

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