5 Car Care Tips for Your Summer Travels

The end of July already? It’s time to book one last family road trip before the summer comes to a close! While it may seem more important to pack and make sure you take work off, don’t forget to have your car taken care of before hitting the open road.  Road trips not only wear and tear on your car, but put you at more risk to get into a fender-bender.

Here are a few reminders when it comes to preparing for the big trip:

#1: Have the coolant checked. The temperature of the car’s coolant is most likely to rise during the hot summer heat.  To make sure your car doesn’t overheat, have a mechanic check the coolant levels and adjust accordingly.

#2: Save gas. New studies say that riding with the windows down on the highway will cost you more gas than turning on the AC.

#3: Check tire pressure. A blowout will not only blow the entire vacation, but could put you and your family in danger! Make sure all tires are properly inflated and rotate tires if need be.

#4: Insure your car. What’s better than not having to worry about your car? Well—nothing! Make sure you have Katy, Texas Auto Insurance.

#5: Have your air conditioner checked. Nothing could be worse than being in a stuffy car with the family when suddenly the air conditioning stops working.

These may seem like a lot of repairs and services charges but there are plenty of great automotive care shops that will take care of all your needs for a great price.  Stop by Rick’s Hi-Tech Auto Care, Inc in Katy, Texas and get your car tuned up.  They’ll take care of everything for you in one place.  Don’t let car troubles get in the way of a memorable family road trip.  Safe travels!

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