Protecting Your Personal and Commercial Property from Wildfires

With impending drought and dry, hot conditions a common weather pattern throughout Texas, it’s no wonder that wildfires have already ravaged parts of the state – and it’s only July.

Although the White House had previously rejected the state’s request for a “major disaster declaration”, Insurance Journal reported today that President Obama has now officially signed a disaster declaration for parts of Texas which truly require federal aid to help with local recovery efforts.

The State of Texas is experiencing one of the worst wildfire seasons ever, with over 3 million acres burned by flames which are feeding off of high temperatures and strong winds.

With much of the summer season still left, it’s important for homeowners and business owners across the state to effectively protect their property. Below are some tips that Katy TX insurance agency, Dagley Insurance and Financial Services, has compiled to help resident safeguard their homes and businesses:

  • Remove unhealthy vegetation – such as trees and shrubs that are dead or dying; these are easy fuel for a wildfire
  • Actively “manage” your roof – clean your roof and free your gutters of dry, dead leaves, pine needles, stray twigs, etc.
  • Commercial sprinkler systems – if you have the ability as a business owner to install a commercial sprinkler system, it can be a great asset to your building
  • Smoke detectors & portable fire extinguishers – portable fire extinguishers are your best defense against a small fire, all homes and offices should be equipped. Keep in mind that fire extinguishers are not meant to fight a large or spreading fire however
  • Secure dependable Texas home insurance and Texas business insurance – don’t wait until after the fire has started to consider the right insurance coverage, proactively secure your property with a comprehensive insurance policy

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