Texas Tip: Before You Ride, Purchase the Right Helmet

Now that summer is officially underway, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that motorcycle enthusiasts have hit the streets in full force. Whether you’re a veteran rider or just purchased your first bike, safety should always be your number one priorit

y. Are you protecting yourself the best you can?

The most important piece of protective equipment you can own is a full face helmet. Not only will the shield protect you from debris as you ride, the full coverage offers you the most protection available in the event of a crash. All helmets will fit you differently, so finding one that fits correctly is a must. If you are planning to use a helmet someone passed on to you or one that comes with the bike, you may not be getting the best protection available.

A helmet that fits properly will follow these guidelines:

  • Your helmet should not be able to twist or lift off your head due to wind when you ride.
  • Your helmet should be so tight it leaves a red mark on your forehead and the ear holes must be away from your ears and not pressing or folding your ears in any way.
  • If you are breaking in a new helmet, the liner should be pressed firmly against your cheeks but not uncomfortable.
  • There should be a very snug fit between your cheeks and the helmet liner. Once you begin to wear your helmet it will begin to form to your face but remain snugly pressed against your cheeks.

If you find your helmet meets all of the above criteria in fitting your face but you are having issues with the manner that the helmet fits your forehead or ears, here are a few tricks you can use to improve the fit:

Use the back of a spoon on your forehead pad to form the foam liner to alleviate any spots where the liner leaves a mark on your forehead. If you are experiencing discomfort and contact on your ears, you can pull the liner away and trim part of the Styrofoam with a knife to clear your ears.

When your helmet fits properly, you will able to take longer trips, be more comfortable and ride safely. A helmet that fits properly and feels comfortable paired with a superior Texas motorcycle insurance policy is a combination that will help to keep you and your bike safe in the event of an accident!

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