Frequently Asked Questions about Hail Damage

With seasonal severe weather on its way, it’s important that homeowners educate themselves about the various risks their homes and properties are vulnerable to. Hail, from hailstorms, an extreme thunderstorm or even as a result from a tornado, can come in various shapes, sizes and densities. The most sever hail can cause serious damage to your home, ranging from holes in your siding to broken glass. Nonetheless, no matter the intensity, hail still poses a threat to the strength of your roof shingles and siding. Below are some of the most common questions homeowners ask, regarding hail damage:

  • Do I need someone to inspect my home for hail damage?

Especially after a brutal storm, it’s highly recommended that homeowners contact a hail damage specialist for a thorough damage inspection of your property. There are different types of damages that can only be recognized and detected by trained eyes.

  • When should I call for a hail inspection?

Immediately after your home is hit by a storm; all damages must be recorded and documented so the sooner the better.

  • What damages should I report to my insurance company?

It’s very important that you properly inform your insurance company about the full extent of the damage. Take photographs so that you have an accurate testament of the damages and can be compensated for all covered losses.

Most standard homeowners policies will protect you from losses if your roof is damage by hail. With severe weather a known, common occurrence, these claims tend to be expected.

Have questions about your home insurance policy? Want to make sure you’re protected in the event of hail damage? Contact Dagley Insurance and Financial Services, we would be happy to review your current homeowners coverage and answer any hail-specific questions you may have!

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