How To: Recover From Water Damage

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Below is an informative video posted from GotMold, explaining simple steps you can take to begin your water damage recovery. Depending upon the size and significance of your flooding or water damage, you may need to seek out professional help.

Keep in mind:

  • Locate all flood water in walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Moisture meters and thermal infrared cameras can help you detect wet areas.
  • After you locate all wet areas, install commercial grade dehumidifiers and fans.
  • In the case of significant flooding carpets and walls may have to be removed.
  • Locate all flood sources and stop the leaking.
  • Small floods can typically be dried out in 2-4 days if equipment is installed properly.
  • Undiscovered wet areas may result in mold growth.

Need help cleaning up or rebuilding?

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