Something You Should Know Before Your Teen Leaves for Prom

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We all probably remember the high school prom.  Whether you looked forward to the night in anticipation or possibly for some us, with dread, prom is an important teenage milestone.  While many parents are busy making arrangements and helping their son or daughter find the perfect tux or dress, oftentimes safety preparation is unintentionally pushed aside.  Unfortunately, this puts American teenagers at risk.

Did you know that according to the National Traffic Safety Administration, prom and graduation nights are the deadliest nights for American teens?  In fact, from midnight to 3:00 a.m. is the most hazardous time for your teen to be on the road. Because of this, parents have decided to take action by creating Project Prom. Project Prom is basically a lock-in that is drug and alcohol-free to ensure that your teen not only has a fun prom night, but also a safe one.

Because we want to assure that the teens in our community have a safe and fun-filled time at prom, Dagley Insurance & Financial Services is a proud sponsor of Seven Lakes High School’s Project Prom 2011. Thank you to all the parents that have volunteered selflessly of their time and resources to make sure our students are safe!

If you have a teen that will be attending prom over the next few weeks, check to see if their high school has a Project Prom.  Or if you have a student that will be approaching this milestone next year, find out if this organization exists for your teen or start one.

We wish the seniors at SLHS a fantastic and memorable time on Saturday night!  Visit SLHS’ Project Prom website for more information or the SLHS Project Prom fan page on Facebook and wish them a great night!

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