April: National Car Care Month

With the warmer weather and abundance of sunny days ahead of us—there’s a good chance that you are beginning to think about that long-anticipated vacation or annual road-trip. But while you’re caught up planning your spring activities or summer getaway, it’s essential that you take the time to properly prepare

your vehicle.

It just so happens that April is National Car Care Month, and if you are not the kind of car enthusiast who loves checking every fluid level and air filter in your car, no need to worry—the Car Care Council has you covered.

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Their comprehensive website provides quality advice and visuals that help put car maintenance into perspective for all car owners. Neglected automobiles can cause accidents or even result in an unfortunate breakdown on the highway, which is a hazard all in its own. Simple upkeep – such as monitoring tire pressure, periodically checking your battery and keeping up to snuff on transmission and brake fluids – can help reduce the risk of accidents as well as ensure that your car will last longer.

Just as important as the physical aspects of your vehicle is the need to protect your safety and your liability. Use April Car Care Month as motivation for you to review your current Texas car insurance policy. With an array of coverages including liability, medical, collision and comprehensive—you can provide yourself with a little piece of mind, knowing that you and those you love are protected while behind the wheel.

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