Don't Think You Need Specialty RV Insurance? Consider This…

Planning a cross-country get-a-way? Looking forward to an extended camping trip? Whatever the reason for using your Recreational Vehicle this season, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure you are properly protected before high-tailing it out of town.

The first step towards appropriate coverage is understanding that your RV is a huge investment—it requires much more than your standard auto insurance—with unique risk exposures, it’s wise to consider comprehensive specialty coverage such as a separate RV insurance policy.

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Below we have compiled some of the most important aspects you should consider when looking into coverage specifically designed to protect RV’s:

Roadside Assistance and Towing

Keep in mind that RV’s can cost three times more to tow that your car and this may mean additional costs to the policyholder. To combat this, many specialty RV insurance policies may include “emergency expense” coverage. With a specialty policy, RV owners can gain insurance coverage that will cover temporary living quarters in the event of a break down and in many cases this coverage will also mediate the cost of returning the RV to your home following an accident or breakdown; typically over 50 miles away.

Accident Coverage

When you and your RV are in an accident—and your RV is insured under your standard auto policy, your claims are handled through an auto division—an adjuster who typically deals with auto claims is assigned to your accident. However when enrolled in a specialty RV insurance policy, the claim adjuster will have advanced training and experience dealing with RV’s, allowing for his or her in-depth knowledge to aid in a better estimation of damages and repair costs.

Personal Property

If your RV is covered as an add-on to your standard auto policy, your personal valuables are not insured. Personal car insurance policies do not pay to replace lost, stolen or damaged personal property—and as an RV owner, you know that you travel with some critical personal assets. Specialty RV insurance oftentimes offers a

“personal effects coverage” option. This enhancement pays to replace personal property used in conjunction with your RV.

Have further questions regarding the benefits of a separate, specialty Texas RV insurance policy? Contact Dagley Insurance and Financial Services—we’d be happy to help you secure the necessary protection—allowing you to travel with ease!

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