Texas Attempts to Make Left-Hand Turns A Bit Safer…

No matter where you are across the country, making a left-hand turn at a busy intersection tends to be a bit nerve-wracking. One would hope that most drivers proceed with caution, whether or not the green traffic light seems appealing—well the state of Texas has decided to take matters into their own hands, with a pilot program that will give Texas drivers a better sense of intersection safety.

According to ABC-KVUE, “going on green in Texas could be replaced by a blinking yellow arrow for drivers making left turns”.

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Reports circulated on Monday that the Federal Highway Administration wants cities and states to begin replacing that solid green light with a flashing yellow arrow. Research studies have shown that a solid green light oftentimes can confuse drivers, making them in think that they always have the right of way, in spite of other traffic. By changing the way the lights appear, officials are hoping that the more distinct turn indicator will cut back on traffic accidents and overall improve Texas driver safety, across the state.

 The proposal to move toward a blinking yellow light would require approval of the Texas Transportation Commission. Val Lopez, spokesman for the Commission, stated that the proposal is expected undergo consideration later this year.

 ABC-KVUE reported that traffic planners are initiating a pilot project that will take place in Arlington, but a decision on which specific streets will be affected – and what other cities may follow suit – won’t happen until after this weekend’s big event— Super Bowl Sunday!

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