State of Texas Puts Pressure on Uninsured Drivers

It seems like a no brainer – if you drive a car, you need auto insurance. But for nearly 23% of Texas drivers, that message still hasn’t clicked.

However, Texas police are finally beginning to take a stand state-wide against drivers without a Texas car insurance policy. The simple fact that having liability car insurance is required by law in the state is causing some Texas cities to adopt a “no tolerance” policy.

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According to a post from Insurance Over Texas, in 2009, the state linked its vehicle registrations with Texas auto insurance policies to verify driver coverage in a program it called TexasSure. It was this data that threw up the red flag, notifying officials that nearly a quarter of the state’s drivers were driving without the necessary car insurance.

To battle the bevy of uninsured motorists, state officials began handing out heavy fines for drivers caught without the proper auto coverage. For a first offense, fines range from $175 to $350 – but the amounts jump dramatically for a second offense to as much as a whopping $1,000 in addition to the suspension of the driver’s license.

On top of these penalties, drivers without Texas auto insurance must pay a surcharge of $250 each year for 3 years to maintain their driver’s license.

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