Wintery Weather Reminds Texans to Drive Safely

As a winter storm moved into northeast Texas, canceling flights at the region’s busiest airport, Texans had to brace themselves for a difficult morning commute and overall hazardous driving conditions.

National Weather Service meteorologist, Matt Mosier, predicted snow accumulations of up to 4 inches for Sunday, as temperatures just lingered around freezing. David Magana, a spokesperson for the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, reported that approximately 200 flights were canceled in anticipation of the wintery weather.

A winter storm warning later extended into East Texas, causing local police to urge residents to limit any nonessential driving. Meteorologist, Mosier, later said that overnight lows in the 20s could result in ice-covered roads for the Monday morning commute—and he wasn’t far off.

Early morning “freezing drizzle”, as KHOU reported, led to dozens of wrecks across North Texas and resulted in the Dallas Fire-Rescue crews answering a total of 72 calls; ranging from midnight to 7:20 a.m.

This blast of treacherous weather is a brutal reminder for Texans about the need for extra precautions and advanced driver-safety. Even the most seasoned, experienced drivers can find themselves struggling to manage the icy roads. In addition to the need for reliable comprehensive TX auto insurance, to aid you in any resulting unfortunate accidents, there are a slew of tips that Texans can implement next time Mother Nature blows a blast of winter our way:

  • Remember to give yourself extra time; start your car early, let it heat up and defrost. Also be sure to provide yourself with extra travel time so you don’t feel pressured to rush to your event or location
  • Leave space; especially on slippery roadways, don’t follow too close, give yourself space and time to react to the vehicle in front of you.
  • Stay distraction free; of course you want to listen to the weather report or traffic highlights, maybe even need to give the office a quick call—but remaining free of distractions while driving is critical both while traveling in storms and when traveling daily throughout your normal commute.

As always, all of us at Dagley Insurance wish you and your loved ones safe travels!

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