Dagley Insurance Named e-Marketing Agency of the Year by Rough Notes Magazine

Innovative insurance company secures top ranking nationally with social media marketing efforts. Dagley Insurance says, “Facebook is the New Internet” and they may just be qualified to determine that as the are the e-agency of the year for 2010.

Katy, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) January 5, 2011 – Dagley Insurance, an insurance agency with locations in Texas and Colorado, has been named e-Marketing Agency of the Year for 2010 by Rough Notes Magazine.

Every month, Rough Notes Magazine, a leading publication in the insurance industry, features an e-Marketing Agency of the Month. Dagley Insurance has won the title for the year 2010 through their implementation of the Astonish Results system and their dedicated and successful digital marketing and social media efforts.

“Understanding the dynamics of social media is critical to the success of any marketing effort in this day and age, that is simply the reality and if you fail to realize that now, you will pay dearly for it in the long run.” At least that is what Nathan Dagley, President & CEO of Dagley Insurance and Financial Services believes and he is willing to tell everyone, and in fact he does, via his blog, twitter, youtube, linkedin and facebook, just to mention a few.

Growth for this relatively young organization, they’ll be celebrating their 10th year in 2011, has been aggressive to say the least, now with offices throughout Texas and Colorado and some other states within their sights. Dagley understands and has contingencies in their business plan that allows for growth in a variety of economic climates. The one thing that remains constant across the board is the absolute need for communication. “Communication is paramount. You must be able to effectively communicate with prospects, with clients and with your team.” Dagley continues, “The key to success within your organization is getting your team to realize the tools that they have availed to them and then getting them to use them efficiently. We put them is a position for optimal success.” Regarding clients, Dagley contends that 1/3 of new business is engendered by great customer service in a model that fosters client referrals. Further, the Dagley plan incorporates the use of COI’s (centers of influence) such as realtors, mortgage brokers, attorney’s and so on. Basically, any relationship that by it’s nature can potentially generate referral business. This component of the program also benefits the COI or partner substantially as they benefit from the wealth of knowledge that the Dagley team has acquired and puts it to use to grow their partners business. If you fall in to the COI /partner category you should reach out to the Dagley organization immediately to get a leg up. The remaining 1/3 of new business is derived purely from a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. “Since partnering with Astonish Results we’ve grown our online presence substantially as well as have built an in-house team that are quickly becoming experts in social media marketing. In fact, we have identified various optimization techniques that have not yet been uncovered by leaders in the field and that feels pretty good.” The understanding in the marketing department at the Dagley headquarters is that facebook is the new internet and this new internet allows you to drill down on your target demographic in a way previously impossible. In other words you can send a specific message to a specific target on a specific day at a specific time. No denying the power of that.

In a recent radio interview Nathan was asked, where are the gaps in social media advertising, he responded this way, “The nature of this new frontier, and what is vital to understand about it, is that there will be something new tomorrow and there will always be something new, so the gaps are in front of us. You must have clear vision, be proactive, stay ahead of the curve, identify the gaps and fill them in with the appropriate solution. The best part about it is that there is always a solution.”

To learn more about Dagley Insurance and see their digital marketing efforts in action, visit their Virtual Insurance Office at www.DagelyIns.com. 

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