Insurance Policy Myths

Quick, think:  are you 100% sure that you’re getting the best deal on your auto, home, or other type of insurance?  How can you be sure?  Have you researched different carriers to compare quotes?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using the same insurance provider for years or if you’ve just recently gotten a policy; there could always be a better choice for you.   Even if your insurance company promises that they’re the best option, you can’t really be sure. In fact, there are quite a few myths that insurance carriers want you to believe:

MYTH ONE: You’re stuck with your current policy. False!  Even if you paid for an entire year to get a discount, you can still switch at any time. If you’ve prepaid, you get a prorated portion of what you’ve paid back.

MYTH TWO: All carriers have the same rates. False!  Think about this:  have you seen TV commercials for your insurance carrier?  If so, that means that they have a big marketing budget.  Where do they get that marketing money?  By charging their customers more!  It’s a smart decision to look for smaller independent agencies who do not advertise as much.  You’ll see the difference in what you pay.

MYTH THREE: Your rate must remain the same for the duration of your policy. False! Had an accident or a ticket that’s keeping your rate high?  That doesn’t mean that it can’t come off your record while your policy is active.  However, insurance companies won’t necessarily drop your rates unless you ask and stay involved.

So, with all these myths uncovered, how do you know which insurance is the most comprehensive and affordable, without spending hours and hours doing research?  How do you know who you can trust to give you straight answers and advice?

At Dagley Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency that does the research for you. We are insurance experts who work for you – not the carriers!  We offer the best coverage, at a rate you deserve.

Don’t get ripped off by your insurance provider. Find out how you can get better insurance rates and save by choosing an independent insurance agency.  Contact us today at!

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