Review Your Texas Homeowner’s Insurance Policy in Time for the Holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches, so does the highly celebrated consumer holiday—Black Friday.

 Many consumers are making their holiday gift lists while keeping an eye out for a variety of in-store and cyber deals; especially for hot items like flat-screen televisions, exercise equipment, gaming consoles and computers. You may be excited about snagging a money-saving bargain, but before you pay for extra protection guarantees at the check-out, find out if you’re currently covered for damage or loss. According to a press release from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), there are a few key things you should check before purchasing additional protection on your holiday loot:

Find out what your current Texas homeowners insurance policy already covers. Talk to your agent to find out what household items are covered under your existing insurance and if there may be some exemptions. Most homeowners or renters insurance typically protect against theft or damage; including coverage for electronics and other expensive goods up to a certain price point. Know the amount of coverage and the nature of the coverage, pay attention to key stipulations such as cash-value coverage versus replacement cost coverage. Make sure to discuss all of your options with your Texas insurance agent because certain valuables may even be better covered with an insurance rider or additional policy.

Also, be sure to understand the difference between insurance and warranties. Part of the holiday sales pitch is the extended warranty at check-out. Remember though that a warranty is not insurance and will not cover damage the way a reliable homeowners policy may.

NAIC also recommends that you update your home inventory. Keep a current list of electronics and valuable household items, with model numbers and receipts if possible. Check your inventory regularly as you buy or sell items; doing so can save you money since you may realize that your coverage needs have changed.

In need of better coverage or just interested in what other policies can offer you? Visit Dagley Insurance for a free Texas Homeowners Insurance quote; don’t leave yourself and your valuable unprotected this holiday season.

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