Texas AAA Supports National Teen Driver Safety Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of National Teen Driver Safety Week put on by AAA. Local news station KVUE interviewed Linda Von Quintus of Texas AAA this morning to find out how the state is making families aware.

About 91% of teenagers admit to driving distracted according to a recent study by AAA and Seventeen Magazine. Many of which were willing to admit they knew it was dangerous but still continued to drive while distracted.

Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed a declaration encouraging parents to talk with their teens and make them aware of the rules of the road along with establishing household rules for their younger drivers. The three main issues AAA wants to get across by issuing the week of safety is texting while driving, speeding, and driving under the influence, all dangerous driving practices that cause many accidents each year.

“Like the Governor, we at AAA Texas know that proactive parents can make a difference in educating teen drivers about road safety,” said Quintus.

Make sure you talk to your teens this week about safety on the road. Check out the new Texas AAA safety website, the parent-teen driving agreement along with making sure an updated copy of their TX Car Insurance is located in the glove box at all times.

See the full interview from KVUE below:

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