Struggling Economy?…Not for Texas and Colorado Day Spas

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Not many industries have the advantage of staying resilient in a time of high unemployment and financial strain. Liquor stores and bars stand out for the stressed out masses seeking comfort in liquid form, but a healthier alternative is emerging for Texas and Colorado residents looking to turn elsewhere.

According to an article on titled, Career-changers finding opportunity in booming day spa industry:

“Penny-pinching Americans may not be willing to spend extra on some luxuries or comfort items, but a trip to the day spa can be seen as making sense for both economic and health reasons…People who once took long vacations and bought big-ticket luxury items are cutting back, but still want to feel like they are treating themselves.”

In past years, people were willing to splurge on expensive, week-long vacations, often dropping thousands of dollars for some well-deserved rest. Now, with tighter financial strains, staycations have emerged as a cost-effective way of getting re-programmed. Staycations are even more enjoyable when complimented by the serene and cleansing experience a day spa can provide, whether it’s a massage, acupuncture or a shiatsu massage followed by an exfoliating eucalyptus scrub.

Depending on the services provided, day spas have a unique set of insurance demands that are best reviewed by someone familiar with Texas and Colorado business insurance law. Anytime you’re submerging people in mud or impaling them with needles, there’s coverage and Texas spa insurance requirements necessary to mitigate potential risks.

While we can’t give massages ourselves, we’re happy to discuss insurance for Texas and Colorado spas, because everyone needs time to unwind.  

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