Dagley Insurance win prestigious e-marketing agency of the month.

Dagley Insurance win prestigious e-marketing agency of the month.

For the past year Dagley has undergone a metamorphosis in the way that the company markets itself. There was a fundamental shift in paradigm in the early part of 2009 as social media really started to creep into the American culture and the American way of doing business. For many companies the reality of this movement has not set in yet but for Dagley Insurance and Financial Services in Katy, Texas they are a head of the curve and the October issue of Rough Notes magazine recognized them for just that. Dagley has been named the e-marketing agency of the month.

Check out the article and get to know Dagley's philosophies a little better. You'll learn that Dagley is an innovative company that is blazing their own trail in the insurance industry. With progressive thinking and an unprecedented approach to how they can create value for their clients Dagley stands alone.

When you done reading the article, give them a call 281-644-1000 or go to their virtual insurance office and get them on your team. You'll be glad you did and you'll forever expect more from your insurance company.


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