Dagley Insurance Partners with Do Work Foundation!

As I go about my business day I often find myself contemplating the parallels that reside between business and sports (football most often for me). Much of the nuance of behavior and attitude that are requisite for success, in either, are virtually identical in both. Of course success, in and of itself, in any capacity and in any arena is far more complicated of an equation then just nuance alone. Discipline and dedication along with solid mentors, great coaching and faith are just a few of the other variables that come to mind when considering what is in the recipe that makes up success. It truly is complex and although at times it may seem that it comes easy to some, the reality is that it is never easy. It takes strategic planning and the use of all available resources. One of the challenges that frequently hinder individuals as they strive to be successful is the lack of resources available or perhaps more often the inability to effectively identify a potential resource for what it is, and without the element of mentoring or coaching to provide that direction the resources sometimes are never found and therefore potential is never reached. It’s a sad prospect. The very concept of this is valuable as knowledge is power, it is a tool, and a resource and having the resource of just this information can impact someone’s journey to success. Consider children embarking on this lifelong sojourn, every one of them wants to be successful but some are predisposed to a better chance of being successful if not just by their life’s circumstance. Does that mean that the playing field cannot be leveled? Not at all. It simply comes back to identifying the resources that are available to help get you on level ground and higher.

One of the resources available to children, and adults alike, as they endeavor to reach their full potential is the, Do Work Foundation. This faith based organization located in Katy, Texas and meeting at Cinco Ranch Jr. High field uses athletics as a platform to instill greater values and a solid work ethic that will benefit kids both on and off the field. The foundation welcomes everyone and provides a service to the community that will undoubtedly impact many lives in a positive way. Be the critical link between someone who needs help finding the resources that will move them closer to success.  Spread the word, visit with the leaders and participate in some way. You’ll learn. You’ll grow. You’ll benefit. You’ll Do Work.

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services in Katy, Texas sees the value in the Do Work Foundation and therefore has partnered with them to assist in their mission, both with financial commitment, as well as a service commitment in the form of Dagley Senior Financial Advisor, Jim Fereday teaching a class on financial literacy.

For more information on the Do Work Foundation do to www.doworkfoundation.com

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