Katy, TX Bond Referendum Resources – November 2 Matters!

It’s not often Katy, Texas sees a $459,791,092 bond authorization package on the table. For this reason, we strongly encourage fellow Katy residents to learn what goes into a bond, why it’s important and vote accordingly so we can make the best poss

ible decisions for our community.

Fortunately, the town of Katy has built a website spelling out the intricate details of the bond package including descriptions and background on each project. The basic overview of the bond authorization package is described below:

The bond package is comprised of several projects and includes funding for items such as the construction of three elementary, one junior high and one high school; comprehensive renovations at five of the district’s oldest campuses including Katy, Taylor, and Mayde Creek High Schools, as well as West Memorial and Mayde Creek Junior High Schools; and more than 50 component replacement projects at several campuses.

To best serve the residents of Katy and surrounding town, there is also a Katy bond referendum question submittal site where inquiries about the proposed new schools, renovations, technology, finances, transportation and other issues can be submitted.

Of course, the hardest part for residents to swallow will be the tax increase. A formula used to project that potential tax increase predicts that taxes will go from the $.40 rate now to $.44 in September of 2012, with every $.01 increase equaling $10 per year increase for every $100,000 of taxable income.

November 2 will be an important day for residents of Katy as we vote to decide how our city will shaped in the next decade. We look forward to monitoring more of the debate.

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