11,000 reasons you need to have wedding insurance.

Meticulous is the key word when planning a wedding. Years in the making, from a vision of little girl to the perfect gown and through the final dance, a wedding is the single biggest event in the lives of most people. The details are paramount. Yet one of the most important details is all too often overlooked. All the planning in the world cannot fully overcome, ‘chance’. There unfortunately is always a ‘chance’ that something could go wrong, so how do you prepare for ‘chance’? Well, that is a question that the woman in this newscast wished she had posed while planning for her special day. Wedding Insurance is the detail that should never be overlooked and there are thousands and thousands of people that would testify to that, the majority sadly on the “should’ve / could’ve” side of the coin. Relatively speaking, a Wedding Insurance policy from Dagley Insurance and Financial Services in Katy, Texas is one of the best values and smartest decisions that soon-to-be newly weds can make. There is nothing better than getting off on the right foot and with an inexpensive wedding insurance policy you are protected from many unforeseen occurrences that could potentially turn the day you’ve dreamed about in to a nightmare.

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