Your Neigborhood Pizzeria

Your neighborhood pizzeria. That’s the way Mark Bolli, co-owner, with brother Kevin, of Bolli Bros Pizza, describes the dine-in or take-out restaurant. Shortly after college the Houston born brothers decided they wanted to go into the pizza business and after conducting the research, creating a business plan and identifying a viable location Bolli Bros Pizza opened their doors at 2944 S. Mason Rd to the first of many loyal Katy, Texas customers in 2002.

The goal was simple, to create a style of pizza that was unique while using only the freshest ingredients and maintaining an affordable price point. So what’s the recipe for that, well in part, it requires an owner who is hands on, dough that is made fresh daily and a commitment to the community. Additionally, having a great product in the form of succulent pizza, great sandwiches and good value combos has been the winning combination for this local eatery.

Growing the business over the last several years has been a multi-faceted approach with the core focus being on developing loyal clients who will spread the word. Make no mistake about it though, although Bolli Bros operates on old school principles they understand the power of social media and how to use the platform to help assist their loyal clients in spreading the word. After all, being successful in today’s climate requires efficiencies in all aspects of business and the online marketing opportunities that are available today are better than they have been ever before with the meteoric rise in facebook usage. Think about it. How many times have you read someone’s post about how great there meal was in specific restaurant? In fact I’ve seen photographs of dishes posted numerous times. Now that gives a whole new dimension to word or mouth advertising.  Understanding this reality is paramount, as you must give clients something good to say, as the alternative could be devastating.

Forward thinking, community focused and hands-on, that is why Bolli Bros earns a feature in the Dagley Insurance and Financial Servicesblog. Dagley Insurance provides a unique approach to the commercial insurance market by way of offering a value-added service to all commercial clients. Unprecedented in the industry Dagley not only provides the finest insurance product and customer service but also takes a direct role in helping their commercial clients business grow by providing a social media marketing plan free of charge. Now that taste good.

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