On a first name basis with the Red Oak Grill

For the past 5 years, when you walk into Red Oak Grill in Katy, TX you are always greeted with a familiar face. Smiling ear-to-ear, Eric politely asks “how are you doing?” before the eventual “what can I get for you?”  This simple but kind exchange is a great example of what Red Oak Grill is all about…. love people first… then, love to feed people.

A simple food order turns into a discussion about life, how the wife is doing, how the kids are doing in school, and what is going on at work. Keen on remember name’s, Eric and his family make a point to remember not only your face but what is important in your life. To them, eating at Red Oak Grill is more than just a quick bite on a hot Texas night; it is about family and eating great American Mediterranean foods from a family friend. Eric and his family have devoted their lives to making the customer feel like the Red Oak Grill kitchen is an extension of their own home.

This great American story starts like most stories with a family with a dream. After the first week of being open, Red Oak Grill was reviewed anonymously by The Katy Sun  with rave reviews. Within two months, Eric and his family had to call the landlord and request to rent the vacant space next to their ever so popular restaurant just so their customers had enough space to sit. Salads, Sandwiches, Baked Potatoes, Burgers, Pitas, Chicken Fried Steak, Kabobs and the famous Chicken Shawerma make this grill one of the unique spots in Katy, Texas.

These top notch meals are grilled to perfection and are perfect for the ever so healthy and “I’m taking a break from my diet” customers. Rest assured knowing that you and your family will be feasting in one of the best grills in town when you stop by the Red Oak Grill.

Red Oak Grill is a local favorite of Dagley Insurance & Financial Services and we hope your family enjoys our great Katy friend’s food as much as we do.

Red Oak Grill – Katy

2004 South Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450-5921
(281) 392-2612

Red Oak Grill – Sugar Land

203 Century Square Boulevard
Sugar Land, TX 77478-3183
(281) 491-2890

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