Tips For Selling a Used Car

If you’re in the business of looking for a new car, it’s always a good idea to sell your old one first, and there are little things you can do to help boost your selling price. Texas Automotive writer Barbra Terry, a few common sense car selling tips to spruce up your used auto before you put it up for sale, which could earn you 20% more in the sale.

  • Clean up your car: Removing the garbage and vacuuming is good, but for about $100 or less you can bring your car to get professionally cleaned and detailed. Most places do an amazing job making your car look like new. The investment will help you make more money at the end.
  • Gather all your receipts: Make sure you have receipts and documentation from all the repair and maintenance work you have done on your vehicle. It will ensure potential buyers that you did routine checkups.
  • Fix the smaller repairs: Whether the blinker light is out, or the windshield wipers are worn out, replacing the small things can make the car have a fresher feel.
  • Act like a seasoned sales person: Do your research so you know the worth of your car. Then when potential buyers call, you can promote the strength of your vehicle and reinforce the reasoning of your asking price.

Selling a car shouldn’t be a hassle if you price it fairly and take steps to add a little extra value to ensure you get what is deserved. As for buying, it’s always a good idea to visit the auto section of your local Texas News website or auto comparison/review site like to compare prices. Additionally, it’s always wise to gauge the Texas Auto Insurance rates for various vehicles, just for perspective on how much a cherry red Lamborghini is to insure versus that lime green Festiva you’ve had your eye on.

Stay tuned next week as we discuss some additional tips on buying a new car.

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