Creative Marketing – You’ll see it!

There is no lack of creativity at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services in Katy, Texas. In an effort to further optimize their social media marketing campaign, and by the way they are light years ahead of any other insurance providers not just in marketing but also and more importantly in service and overall value to their clients. The most recent example of this creativity is also coupled with a philanthropic component, something that has long been the rule rather then the exception at Dagley Insurance. Giving back to the community in nothing new here, but this particular project is innovative to say the least.

Reaching out to youth groups around the Greater Houston area Dagley has effectively created a viral marketing campaign that will be launched in the upcoming weeks. You see the results of it in due time via email chain or You Tube and it will likely keep you laughing and passing it along to your friends to see as well. The mission was simple they asked several youth groups to create a video commercial for Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, something simple that shows a peril and brands the Dagley name as the quintessential provider to have in the event of such a loss. For their efforts Dagley will make a donation to their organization and the overall winner will receive an additional donation. What a concept! Everyone wins. And the entries that have been received so far are hysterical. All videos will be uploaded to the Dagley Insurance channel on You Tube and will likely spread through the emails of the over 1400 friends of Dagley Insurance on facebook and on to their friends, and their friends, and their friends… You know how it goes, all the while giving everyone a chuckle and delivering an important message about Dagley Insurance. Good for the Community. Good for you.

Yes, Dagley gets it. They know how to brand and they know insurance. If you have a business in Texas or Colorado and your current insurance company is not actively working with you to help grow your business you really should contact Dagley because not only do they know how to market and brand their business, they also include the same marketing effort to their commercial clients for FREE, it is a value add that commercial clients get for simply being a Dagley client. What’s your insurance company doing for you?

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