Armed Robbers on the Loose in San Antonio

San Antonio police report that more robberies in the area are occurring at local businesses. The perpetrators, two masked robbers were dressed up like teenage mutant ninja turtles according to witnesses. Police reported their latest attach was this morning at 2:30am at the Valero corner store in the 10400 block of I-35 North.

Using guns they managed to get away with a few hundred dollars and some cigarettes, but area police believe these are the same masked robbers that have been hitting businesses in the area for the past few weeks.

A security camera caught the crime taking place, which police hope will lead them to some evidence in the case. If you are a small business in this area having Texas commercial insurance should be a priority. You do not want damage done to you store that could leave you with hefty repair costs.

You can watch the KENS5 video from the last robbery here. Anyone with any information should contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207-7484.


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