The Cheaper the Better…Not so much

It’s human nature and perhaps a bit of economic ignorance that plays in to any industry that falls in to a ‘price war’ type market.  The reality is that regardless of the industry, when a company tries to gain market share by way of undercutting the competition, although it may be received well by the consumer (at least at time of purchase), it drastically impacts the economy, as large or as small as it may be, in a negative fashion. That being said, it will continue at every level and in every industry. Believe it, people are making decisions regarding their health that are solely based on the lowest price as the determining factor. Does that imply that human value is less than cash value? Well it isn’t for me but the very concept that this can, and does, occur is directly related to fact that undercutting to gain market share has been and continues to be a strategy in business.

There are many examples of the aforestated for instance some one choosing a dentist because one was cheaper than the other or a plastic surgeon, Yikes! Clearly it is incumbent upon you to examine the product or service that you are seeking as to identify the greatest value but it is vital to understand that price in and of itself does not indicate value. The list goes on, people are always making the mistake a hiring an unlicensed contractor to work on their home and more often than not they live to regret that decision. Yet, some of these people will make the same mistake again. Why? Well its because we are inundated with endless marketing campaigns from companies that simply want to sell you, the worst, because the worst is cheaper and that’s what you want. Hey, we are all guilty to a certain degree.

 Sure you may agree that making a health related decision based solely on price is ridiculous but consider this. Insurance companies, not you local real deal insurance companies that have a local office and real live agent for you, but the big box bargain basement companies that flat out sell the state minimum coverage, in other words, the worst, have not only used this practice of undercutting price to gain market share but have actually built there business model around that concept. And people fall for it. Think of it this way, imagine you are going out to dinner and you make your decision as where you are going to go, not by the type of cuisine you want, or the type of atmosphere you want, or how good the food is but instead you decide to go to a restaurant that has the absolute worst food but the price was better. I don’t think anybody would do that. Right? If you chose your insurance provider based just on price than you’re eating at that nasty restaurant as we speak. How’s it taste?

Look, it’s clear that the most obvious feature of any policy is the premium, the amount you pay to an insurance company for a health insurance policy.  But it is vital to consider the services as well as the coverage’s. Insurance companies like Dagley Insurance & Financial Services in Katy, Texas provide a full service to their client both personal and commercial. A full care review with a real agent so you can secure the policy that is best for you, there’s a novel idea, the best instead of the worst. Now that taste good.

To find out how Dagley Insurance can take the bad taste out of your mouth contact them today. You’ll be glad you did.


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