Serving up a delicacy for restauranteurs


There are few entrepreneurial ventures that require the level of passion that is demanded, to succeed in the restaurant business. As a restaurateur you have to love what you do, and if you don’t it is apparent. Unlike industries that have a lag time between purchase and consumer reaction the restaurant world is defined by each and every single bite. The reaction is immediate and there is no opportunity to correct a failed experience. It simply is what it is, either your customer had a great dining experience or they didn’t. Anything short of a great dining experience is a failure; at least it is if you are one who has the passion that this industry demands.

After all as a restaurateur your objective is to create an illusion for your customer and to never allow the customer to see or experience any aspect of the monumental effort that is involved in creating a quality dining experience. The restaurant business is not for the faint of heart; from managing front and back of house and ordering to aromas and atmosphere and everything in between as a restaurant owner you need perfection.

Regardless of the type of restaurant you have from a neighborhood diner to a 5 star rated epicureans delight one thing remains consistent across the board and that is the necessity of having a comprehensive insurance policy that takes the worry of liability off your plate. With a solid insurance partner in place you can focus on the plethora of experience related task that need to be accomplished on a daily basis.

Much like the passion and dedication req

uired of the restaurant industry the same type of fervor is vital to the operation of a successful insurance business. Dagley Insurance & Financial Services in Katy, Texas specializes in providing restaurant liability insurance that addresses all of the major risk concerns. In addition, we have a full menu of coverage’s that will satisfy any palette, as simple or sophisticated as it may be.

The insurance is the main course but there is dessert and there is always room for dessert. Dagley Insurance has effectively given reason for all commercial businesses to reevaluate their current insurance provider. As a commercial client of Dagley insurance you not only get the superior customer service and coverage that made the Dagley name famous but now you also get a comprehensive social media marketing campaign implemented for your business. Unheard of, right? Well it is true. The same effort that Dagley used to grow their business, and by the way they have offices throughout Texas and Colorado, they now implement the program for their clients to help them grow their business.

Imagine if you had the best coverage, a seamless transition, great customer support, a tailored program that matches your needs and a marketing effort that will get more people through your doors. Now that’s what I want from my insurance partner. Now stop imagining and contact Dagley Insurance for a quote you have nothing to lose and customers to gain.


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