Views from the corner of Insurance & Marketing

From an executive management perspective when you think about marketing and insurance in a single thought process it is usually due to a unique or at least unorthodox marketing effort that your company is deploying and what the potential exposure is relative to that effort. For example, if you are hosting an event such as a golf outing or hosting a pre-race party at a NASCAR event or any other type of marketing that presents potential exposure to risk. That’s when you think about insurance and marketing in the same context. For many years now companies have been leveraging the popularity of events or attractions as a vehicle to convey their message to the patrons or participants, after all it affords the opportunity to interact live with your target market.  In more recent years there has been a more aggressive style (albeit not as efficient in zoning in on a specific target) marketing movement that is often considered to be controversial. Street marketing has been used effectively for years in bringing attention to causes like cancer awareness.  In 2007 in Germany an AIDS prevention campaign made use of little paper men to demonstrate the effects of AIDS. These little paper men were positioned around Hamburg.  People noticed. The campaign garnered so much success and instantly became the model or at the very least a jumping pad for street marketing campaigns all over the world. In fact, the evolution of this type of marketing has been so rapid that folks, in large cities at least, are rarely shocked or surprised or wowed when exposed to this type of effort. But they still notice and that’s the objective. Right? Well, perhaps not! This style of marketing has taken a ‘big brother’ turn recently and goes on now in ways that are very subtle with a supposed subliminal message being delivered. You may have already been immersed in or in fact been  a ‘player in’ a street marketing effort.

Would you spend your marketing dollars on a campaign that is designed to not get people’s attention? Whether you would or wouldn’t, either way, you better be certain of one thing, and that is, that your company is protected during any marketing effort that yields potential exposure.

So that’s when you think of marketing and insurance together. Makes sense. Not so fast. Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, headquartered in Katy, Texas has effectively changed the paradigm regarding this supposition. They not only think about insurance and marketing in the same thought process, no, they’ve actually created a harmonious and symbiotic relationship between the two. And guess what, it’s pretty. At least the commercial insurance clients of Dagley thinks so, they think it’s the most beautiful relationship that they have ever seen. It’s very simple, I’ll explain, If you are a commercial insurance client of Dagley Insurance you will receive, as a value added benefit, the effort of the in house marketing team implementing a comprehensive social media marketing effort on your behalf, for your company. It’s a benefit and it’s not one of those marketing efforts designed to not get people’s attention. This campaign gets people’s attention, it’s strategic and it works. It provides more exposure for your company because Dagley wants to earn and keep your business. They built this program because at Dagley they know when their clients businesses grow their business grows. It’s a good deal. What’s your insurance company doing for you?

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