Hurricane Alex Heating Up

Hurricane Alex is heating up and heading closer and closer to the Texas border. This is freaking out the major insurance carriers. Many folks are being denied coverage for their homes and many applications that are in an “open status” are not being finalized due to the storms pending arrival. When a storm hit a certain point in its creation process, insurance authorities call a “cut-off” point. This is meant to keep people from waiting too long to insure their homes. Works for many, not for all.

Dagley Insurance will do anything and everything to insure all Texas homeowners. Whatever your risks, we’ll work with the top rated carriers to secure a homeowners insurance policy for you.

Whether your home is covered under insurance or not, taking the proper precautions to protect your home is important. Check out this document, NHC.NOAA.GOV, to make sure your home is storm-proof.

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